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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winners and Losers

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Every One Is a Bundle of Strong Points and Weaknesses

Given that every person is a bundle of strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives, qualifications and disqualifications, it is no use accepting oneself as such. If you wish to have effectiveness, success and happiness in various aspects of your life (personal, professional, family and social life), you will need to introspect your areas and extent of these in you. Then, you will have to figure out as to how am I going to improve my strong point further and only remove some of those weak points which seem to be critical to my effectiveness, success and happiness.
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On this page we are going to focus on those areas of one's personality that make him a winner or a loser. First, take a test that follows now.

My Self Image (Winners and Losers) Check List

In the following list of statements, use a tick mark against those that fit your self image. Use a cross mark against those that do not fit. Use a question mark against statements that you are unsure about. Don't stay on a question for long time. Answer each question quickly.
  1. Like myself.
  2. Afraid of or hurt by others.
  3. People can trust me.
  4. Usually say the right thing.
  5. Feel bad about myself.
  6. Fearful of the future.
  7. Dependent on others for ideas.
  8. Use my talents.
  9. Think for my self.
  10. Know my feelings.
  11. Don’t understand myself.
  12. Use time well.
  13. People avoid me.
  14. Disinterested in community problems.
  15. Enjoy work.
  16. Enjoy Nature.
  17. Don’t enjoy work.
  18. Trust myself.
  19. Usually say the wrong thing.
  20. Don’t enjoy being the sex I am.
  21. Discouraged about life.
  22. Don’t like to be around people.
  23. Have not developed my talents.
  24. Glad I am the sex I am.
  25. Often do the wrong thing.
  26. Involved in solving the community problems.
  27. People like to be around me.
  28. Competent on the job.
  29. Enjoy life.
  30. Don’t like myself.


Now that you have taken the self-check test mentioned above, check your responses by tallying them with the winner traits given below.

Every one is born to win. You too can be a winner too. Start changing for better. Now.

A winner:

  • Loves and accepts himself.
  • Values his uniqueness.
  • Wants to and tries to improve himself.
  • Is responsible.
  • People can trust him.
  • Tries to achieve.
  • Thinks positive.
  • Feels confident about his abilities to achieve.
  • Uses his talents.
  • Takes up challenges.
  • Does not play helpless or the blaming games.
  • Has aims or goals and takes steps to meet them.
  • Uses his time well.
  • Thinks for himself.
  • Knows and expresses his feelings.
  • Cares for other people.
  • Can get and give affection.
  • Has good friends.
  • Enjoys work, play and life.
  • Does not beat other people by making them lose.
  • Winners sometimes lose and they also make mistakes but they learn from their mistakes.


Loser traits are mentioned below.

A loser:

  • Does not like and value himself.
  • Feels unsure of himself and his capabilities.
  • Does not take responsibility about his life.
  • Blames others or situations for his faults or his shortcomings.
  • He plays the “If only”, “When this happens”, “What if” games.
  • Does not make full use of his capabilities.
  • Feels scared of challenges.
  • Is dishonest with himself and others.
  • Finds faults with others.
  • Finds it difficult to get and give affection.
  • Rarely cares for the people.
  • Has few good friends.
  • People can’t trust him.
  • Wastes time.
  • Does not use his talents.
  • Does not know and express feelings.
  • Does not enjoy work, play or life.
  • Makes the same mistake again and again and again.

In Essence

Nobody is 100% winner or loser. It is a matter of degree. However, once a person is on the road to being a winner, his or her chances are greater for becoming more of a winner.

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